Alumni Members – What is Entrepreneurship?


Zemi Alumni Members (and Definition of Own Entrepreneurship)

[2019 Fall – IMBA]

  • Dilumi Wathsala Kumaraguru
    • A Confidence and courage to work towards achieving dreams/ goals/ targets which eventually ensure the betterment of the world.
  • Ramesh Wijesinghe
    • Uplifting society by using advanced technology with managing both human resources and non-human resources towards sustainable economy.
  • Huan Xu
    • Entrepreneurship is like sailing into unchartered water with limited to no experience, but with courage, hope and endurance. And hopefully, at the end of the sail, you’ll find the treasure island of your life.

[2019 Spring – Evening]

  • Joji Hayashida, Ph.D.
    • Being to seek for frontier and to execute for getting there.
  • Shintaro Kusachi
    • The energy human beings have to make society better.
  • Dai Matsuda
    • An orientation to take your challenge one step forward in any circumstance, with your confident vision, fearlessness for your unknown, and involving people around you.
  • Chihiro Takayama
    • A willpower to make the better future s/he strongly believes in.
  • Chisato Unemura
    • An unwavering belief with tireless energy to realize the ideal world. –


  • Kanetaka M. Maki, Ph.D.
    • The art and science of making the world a better place.